Heather will meet with you or your design professional either in person, by phone or by email. With your input, she will determine a conceptual idea for the project.  A price is then quoted and a deposit taken.

The first step is creating a small drawing, generally 1/8” scale.  This is reviewed by you and changes, if necessary, are made.

From the approved small drawing, a full scale drawing is made, and again reviewed by the you. Once the design is approved, the glass is obtained. An adhesive-backed rubber material is applied to the glass. The design is then transferred to the rubber material, and every line is cut with an exacto knife. The piece is now ready for Heather to sandblast.




kelp_floor_panelsAn important consideration for any project is the type of glass used. Carved glass has tremendous versatility both in design as well as application. We use many types of glass: laminate (“safety”), tempered, or plate in both clear and crystal. Clear glass has a blue/green tint that creates an underwater feeling. Crystal is a white glass that has a warm feel, is neutral in color, and has the highest amount of light transmission.

Both types are available in thicknesses of 3/8″ to 3/4″ and can be laminated even thicker. Generally we like to use 1/2″ or thicker laminate in commercial and public spaces because it meets all code requirements for safety and can be easily carved. Laminate can also be carved and constructed to meet “bullet proof” specifications.

Maintenance is low for carved and etched glass. Fingerprints are easily wiped off with glass cleaner. In very high traffic areas with exposed etching, a coating can be put on the glass, or the panels can be sandwiched to minimize cleaning. Carved glass can be used for walls, doors, partitions, guardrails, stairs, furniture and can also be set in floors.

Both sides of the glass can be carved to give a facetted, shadow-laced look, or it can be flatly frosted for a more structural feel. We can create landscapes or seascapes, or abstract patterns. Pricing ranges from $150.00 per sq. ft. to $1,000.00 per sq. ft. or more depending on complexity, FOB Soquel, CA.



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