An etched glass dining table, or any etched glass table for any room in your house or entry way, makes a stunning statement. Imagine how beautiful they would look in your home!

“SIERRA” ETCHED GLASS DINING TABLE. A 44” x 2” x 3/4” oval dining table featuring flora and fauna of the Sierra foothills. The starfire crystal top sits on a custom powder-coated steel base. Look in the video section for a detailed list of all of the animals and plants.

“JELLYFISH AND KELP” CARVED GLASS COFFEE TABLE. It features jellyfish and kelp carved on a 36” diameter x 3/4” clear glass top. The base is powder-coated steel, and the total height of the table is 16”.

 “MUSICAL OVAL” CARVED GLASS COFFEE TABLE. This tabletop is 18” X 28” X 3/4”. It features low-iron glass with several measures from Pachelbel’s Canon carved into it for a pianist client. The base is powder-coated steel with a Queen Anne style leg. The total height of the table is 17”.

“PRINCE GEORGE’S COMMUNITY COLLEGE DONOR RETIREMENT GIFT” CARVED GLASS COFFEE TABLE. This table was commissioned as a retirement gift for the departing college president. It is a 36” diameter X 3/4” carved clear glass top on a powder-coated steel base featuring Queen Anne style legs. Total height is 16”.
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This “HERMOSA BEACH” oval etched glass table is 58″ wide x 34″deep on a powder-coated steel base.
It was commissioned by the Beach House Hotel at  Hermosa Beach, California

“NAUTILUS SOFABACK TABLE.” This lighted, crystal and bronze sofaback etched glass table makes a fantastic statement in a sophisticated house by the sea.


“SIERRA STREAMS” END TABLES. These etched glass tables are illustrated with stones underneath, and feathers, leaves and ripples on the surface. They perfectly capture the illusion of water!

“GRAPE LEAF” DINING TABLE: This elegant table mingles the classical Queen Anne style with contemporary materials. When the base is given a black finish with a copper top band, it transforms the look to a more traditional statement.



“ESTRELLA” COCKTAIL TABLE. This shapely etched glass table has a streamlined sensibility and is sprinkled with Miro-inspired shapes and stars spelling out the owner’s name. An added surprise is the way that light seems to race along the bottom arc as you walk by!


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